All Hexu items are made in and shipped from Sweden within 1-5 days. 

International orders all come with tracking numbers. Here are some
examples of how long your order may take to arrive, based on previous orders.
Please have in mind that your item may take longer due to customs.

Estimated shipping times: 
Scandinavia: 1-7 days
Germany: 7 days
Italy: 9 days
US, California: 7 days
US, New York: 7 - 10 days
US, Colorado: 12 days
Japan: 7 days
Singapore: 8 days
Australia: 28 days (of which 25 days in customs)

Shipping costs: 
The costs are based on weight.
For jewelry, another 15 grams is added for packaging, so be sure
to include this when you look at the list below.
Important: If you add a jewelry box, the shipping may cost a bit more
since they add weight.
For heavier or larger items, the packaging will weigh more. You will
see the shipping cost in checkout. Some countries are cheaper to ship to
and in that case I will refund the excess cost. 
Currency converter: click here. 

Outside of Sweden:
0-50 grams: 100 SEK
50-100: 107 SEK
100-250: 124 SEK
250-500: 159 SEK
500-1000: 184 SEK
1000-2000: 259 SEK

Frakt inom Sverige kostar 1-2 frimärken, beroende på vikt. I kassan kan du även
välja rekommenderad frakt, vilket ger spårbar frakt (kostnad 63 kr) och gäller upp
till 1 kg. Tyngre produkter som målningar blir automatiskt rekommenderad frakt. 

Problems paying?
If you run into any problems with payment, just contact
me at mh.nasstrom@gmail.com. 

Om du bor i Sverige kan du behöva öppna ditt kort för internetköp;
klicka här för att läsa mer på Nordeas hemsida

Changed your mind?
For cancellations, please contact me as soon as possible, preferably within 24
hours. For returns, contact me within 14 days at mh.nasstrom@gmail.com. 
Items must be in original condition. 

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