Care instructions

Copper jewelry: 
Copper is a metal that darkens with time as it reacts with your body such as oils,
and also with the air. Raw copper will leave a dark or green mark on most
people's skin.

Most of my copper pieces are treated with a patina to give them an
aged look, but to keep the pieces as natural as possible I have decided to not use
sealant. This means your jewelry will age naturally and keep changing; raw copper
will darken. Patina on rings may wear off at the ring shank if you wear it a lot.
Patina on necklaces don't get the same friction, but in the beginning be careful with
wearing your necklace on white fabric. If you get marks from the copper that bothers
you, you can paint clear nail polish on the part that touches your skin.

If you want to brighten up any parts without patina, mix a small amount of
baking soda and water into a thick paste and rub on the parts you wish to
brighten. Avoid the patina and the crystal. It is also a good idea to keep your
jewelry in an air tight box or zip lock bag when you are not using it. 

Some crystals are sensitive to water. Water can also affect the metal so the best
thing is to take your jewelry off when you shower, swim etc. The jewelry can also
be sensitive to chemicals. 

The clay I use for jewelry is a plastic-based one, that can react to some types
of other plastics. The easiest thing is to avoid keeping them in plastic containers
or bags, and use a wooden box, a jewelry bag, or something similar to store them.

Some crystals might get their colours faded in sunlight, if they get exposed to sun
for a longer time. Keep your jewelry in a place where the sun can't reach it when
you are not wearing it.

Dropping the jewelry:
Most crystals can crack if they are dropped on hard surfaces, that includes clay and metal.