Care instructions

Copper jewelry
Copper is a metal that darkens with time as it reacts with your body such as oils,
and also with the air. Raw copper will leave a dark or green mark on most
people's skin. My copper pieces are treated with a sealant to make
shine and patina last longer and to prevent marks. This sealant will wear off with
time though, mostly on rings because they get a lot more wear and tear than
other jewelry. If this happens you can use clear nail polish on the inside of the
ring, or contact me and I can seal it again for you. This service is free of charge
(shipping not included). 

Some crystals are sensitive to water. The space necklaces are painted in water
colour and though a glass cabochon is attached with glue they are not completely
sealed and water proof.

The clay jewelry might attract dust. You can keep it in a zip bag or box when not
using it. 

Some crystals and the space jewelry might get their colours faded in sunlight, if
they get exposed to sun for a longer time. Keep your jewelry in a place where the
sun can't reach it when you are not wearing it.

Dropping the jewelry:
Most crystals can crack if they are dropped on hard surfaces, that includes the
clay and also the space jewelry because of the glass cabochon.