Poetry poster
Poetry poster
Poetry poster

Poetry poster

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This is a poster I created with magnetic poetry. The messages are in Swedish and makes a great detail in your furnishing whether you know Swedish or just want an exotic touch on your wall.

Please be aware that you will only receive the poster, no frame is included. The poster is the size of A4; 21 x 30 centimeters. You can put it in a frame as it is, or use a passe partout.

The three current available messages are:
Vemod och fullmåne (melancholy and full moon)
Chips och cigarett (chips/crisps and cigarette)
Hellre tårta än sex (cake rather than sex/cake before sex)

If you live outside of Sweden I will send you the translation. The poster comes in a flat packaging.

Size: 21 x 30 cm / 8.3” x 11.7”
Weight including packaging: 360 grams

Shipping costs outside of Sweden is 144 SEK with tracking (covers up to 1000 grams). If you live in Sweden the shipping cost is 58 SEK.

Mockup photo is from pexels.com.