Lilac moon
Lilac moon
Lilac moon
Lilac moon
Lilac moon

Lilac moon

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Amethyst crystal ring made in copper using the electroforming method.

The stones are 8 mm across and ranges in colour from light to medium dark purple. The rings have some beautiful grainy structure around the stone while the ring shank is smooth.

The electroforming process is time consuming and includes several steps.
Each piece is unique.

These rings are treated with a dark patina to give them an aged look. Copper is known for leaving marks on your skin because it reacts with oils and oxygene. The rings are treated with a sealant.

Weight: 4 grams

Shipping cost outside of Sweden is 96 SEK and has tracking.
This cost covers up to 250 grams. If you live in Sweden and would like tracking, please contact me before purchase (cost is 58SEK).