The Marked One
The Marked One
The Marked One
The Marked One
The Marked One
The Marked One
The Marked One

The Marked One

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A metal dog tag with your personalized stamping. Choose a short word and I will hand stamp it and make it into a choker necklace.

The chain has a premade length, if you want it shorter you can easily move the ring that the clasp goes into, and either remove the excess chain or keep it.

Order like this:
There is room for up to 5 letters, perhaps 6 if they are not bulky. All letters of the Swedish and American/English alphabet and the sign & are available. Contact me through mail, mh.nasstrom(a), or Instagram with the word of your choice. I will confirm that the word will fit onto the tag and then you can make your purchase.

Some suggestions of words:
hexu (off course)

Brass reacts to the skin by darkening, you can see an example how this looks in the third picture. If you want it bright again, you can use baking soda as a friendly way to get its luster back. Read more in 'care instructions'.

Size: 3.5 x 1 cm / 1.4” x 0.4”
Total length of tag and chain: 45 cm / 17.7”
Weight: 10 grams

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